New Platform, New Approach

I don't write much. I have tons of stories and lessons in my head. I just don't apply myself to put it in motion.

New platform gives me a clear slate. A fresh outlook.
New approach? just write it down, Wendy! The Lord has laid it on your heart. Do it!  It is my therapy at my fingertips.

Yup, there you have it, my new blog.

What will be the first story?
Just to name a few: 
The Spiritual Grenade That Saved My Soul
EPT: Emergency Prayer Team
The Only House I Need
Love and Labels
God and the First Day of School
The Verse That Woke Me at 3 am

No particular order. Well, I few follow each other but I am not sure which series will come first.

Bare with me! My Side Of Sanity is always an adventure!

Wendy Lu


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